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All prices are in CAD, prices do not include studio fees or travel fees those are added later in your total once you contact me.
In order to secure a booking with me you must give a 50% deposit.
Deposits are to be sent via e-transfer or paypal. All deposits are non refundable.
These are the packages and prices for 2023.


The garden packages are tailored to those seeking an affordable option, with minimal editing done to their photos. Best suited to those who want a more natural look where we focus more on getting our shots in natural light. Outdoors, or in studios that provide the best natural light will be the optimal for these kinds of shots. You will be sent out a gallery of raws to pick your final edits from within 2-3 days. RAWS are not to be saved and used later in any shape or form as they are not your final edits. Doing so you will be charged 100$ per RAW used.

Rose package

200$| 6 edited photos | 1 hour photoshoot | 5-7 days delivery of final edits

Lily package

300$| 12 edited photos| 2 hours photoshoot| 5-7 days delivery of final edits

Sakura package

400$| 25 edited photos| 3 hours photoshoot| 3-5 days delivery of final edits


40$ per edited image| 100$ 3days delivery | 150$ 2 days delivery| An extra person can be added to Lily and Sakura packages 100$ charge time and edits split in two| RAW album buy out starts at 250$

FANEXPO 2023 @Roundhouse park Saturday&Sunday

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